Anna Newell Jones Denver ColoradoHey there! I'm Anna and I live in Denver, Colorado with my cute toddler, Henry, and husband, Aaron!

I'm also the creator of a popular, personal finance blog called, And Then We Saved, so I know a thing or two about getting out of debt and making money!;) 

Selling LipSense all started as a side gig and it's ended up turning into way more. It's hard to believe that deciding to do something as random as sell lipstick;) has been able to change my life. (I know it sounds dramatic, but it's true!) I help women feel great about themselves everyday. While I can't give you specific amounts I can tell you that my commission checks are close to 5 figures PER MONTH! (That amount doesn't even include the profits from my product sales!) I've earned a brand-new car that's paid for by the company along with a 5-day all-expenses paid trip to Costa Rica. I feel spoiled rotten, recognized and appreciated every single day by this company!

I've been very successful with this company and the wild part is, I'm not doing anything you can't do too! We're a leader  #1 because of all the training, support, and resources we give to our team. They never feel alone and always feel empowered and encouraged. Not only have I been able to help other women become business owners, my Facebook feed is now full of beautiful, strong women telling other beautiful, strong women how amazing they are. This company has really been one of the biggest surprise blessings in my life! I love this business and this company and could literally talk about it all day! lol! What questions can I answer for you? - Anna 

EMAIL ME at hi@locoforlippy.com or text the word INFO to me at 719-399-3181.

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